Thursday, October 28, 2010

It's ALL in the details....

Details...details...details....these are the things that take an event from lovely to *amazing* and *memorable*!!

The best part is it doesn't matter what size budget you have for your event. Careful planning and coordination of the little things is what gives your event the appearance that you spent a lot more money than you did! I look at a wedding and try to find the details that will give the couple the biggest return on their monetary investment. 

It all starts with the save the date and invitation cards. This is where you set the mood for your entire event. The colors, fonts, theme, and style you choose for your paper products sets the stage for all things to come. It is so important to make these products unique to you in order to capture everything you want your guests to take away from your ceremony and reception. 

So, the invitations are printed and what?! This is where you go over your event with a fine tooth comb to find "loose ends" to tie up! Continuing a common design gives your event panache. 

Any bride knows that there will be TONS of thank you notes written after all the engagement parties and showers. Think about having personalized notecards made that tie in your invitation theme. It is a small way to create a cohesive look.

Don't forget about personalized thank you notes for after the wedding!

Once the big day arrives, make sure that you carry through the common design theme in all your paper products. Welcome cards, menus, favor labels, and seating are only limited by your imagination!

It really is all in the details!! Paper products are an affordable way to bring style and cohesion to your event! Choosing the perfect invitations are so important! Make sure they are custom and a true reflection of your personalities and love!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Look of a Lifetime

A person's wedding day is such a  memorable magical day. It is one of those "once in a lifetime" moments and being part of someone's BIG day is such a honor and blessing. Long after the cake is eaten and last song played....the photos and mementos live on in scrapbooks and keepsake boxes. 

I don't think I truly realized the importance of those details until my own wedding was finished. Last week, we received our pictures from our wedding photographer. Looking through those pictures was like a time warp back to our day. Suddenly, I was transported to the moment I walked down the aisle with my dad by my side.... or was looking at my husband and saying the most important words of our lives..... or dancing the night away with my closest family and friends. Those pictures took me back to that day and they will for the rest of my life. 

The photos left me wanting more and I found myself pulling out the scrapbook to begin cropping, gluing, and organizing all my memories into neat little 12x12 pages. Thats when I saw "them" tucked away within all the madness of invoices, seating charts, and save the date card and invitation. I remembered all the time spent finding the PERFECT card that captured the look and feel of the event I was planning. The time spent debating which one coordinated the best with the theme and which font was formal enough yet casual at the same time. I sat there looking at these two pieces of paper and then the lightbulb went off.....

I want to design and create wedding invitations. I want to capture a bride and groom's personality and the feel of their event on paper. I want to have a hand in creating one of the mementos that will survive the test of time and be a reminder of the couple's special day. Although some may think its just paper, I see all of a bride's vision and planning on a 5x7 card.

The first step was researching the various paper products available to make the highest quality product possible. I ordered the most beautiful linen and pearlescent card stock along with pocket folds to wrap each individual invitation. The linen paper is classy and slightly textured which makes it perfect for a modern style invite. The pearlescent is stunning. It has this incredible metallic sheen that makes all the ink vivid and rich. 

 I have had a blast creating and am slowly but surely getting each design uploaded to etsy.   Whimsical, traditional, vintage, modern.....I can create whatever you envision. 

Below are two pocket fold examples printed on pearlescent card stock with coordinating pearlescent pocket folds and envelopes:

The "Elegant Damask" invitation has a traditional feel with the damask and scroll embellishments. The colors are a rich gold, navy, and jade....perfect for a winter wedding!!!

The "Dancing Dandelion" invitation is perfect for the fun loving couple or a spring wedding. Colors can be coordinated to your event! Classy and fun!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tiny Prints on our Hearts...

Creating stationery for expectant moms and newborn babies is one of my most favorite things! It is such a happy time for people and what better way to capture that sweet innocent time than with lovely paper products.

There is nothing quite like that sweet newborn baby smell or their tiny fingers and toes. So tiny and precious! I created these footprint note cards for my two best friends who are in their last trimester of pregnancy. These note cards are perfect for mom to use while writing thank you notes for all the goodies they have received at various last minute showers!! Note cards have set of baby footprints in any color you desire with coordinating name or monogram.

These note cards come complete with cellophane packaging and matching ribbon! Perfect to tie to a cute onesie or place in a gift basket full of essentials!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Creating the PERFECT gift.....

October is a very busy birthday month for me. It seems like every other day a dear friend or family member is celebrating the anniversary of his/her birth. In addition, to a gift card or sweet set of pajamas, I LOVE creating the perfect set of note cards for each person.

My mom's birthday is today and I wanted to send her a set of note cards that was classy but fun. This elegant scroll flat card is what I came up with for her. I paired it with a hot pink envelope and packaged it in my standard gift wrapping.

Next up is my sister-in-law's birthday. Danielle is a fun loving and sassy girl. The perfect stationery for her would have to have an eclectic mix of chic, modern, and classy. I immediately thought of a hot pink and black chandelier motif. Such a classic designed but with a modern edge.

I was most excited about these note cards because I was able to use my new found obsession....envelope liners! I cut custom zebra print liners for each of the chartreuse envelopes. This paper was SO much fun as it had a velour texture. I love the way these turned out and am so excited to mail them with her new pjs!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Make a wish.....

There is nothing more whimsical and reminiscent of one's childhood than a dandelion. The fragility and delicate nature of the flower made it seem like such a treasure. I can remember countless afternoons spent making wishes on dandelion....

This is the best selling note card that I sell and I believe it is because it takes people back to the innocent stress free days of their childhood.

What better gift to give someone than to take them back to the carefree days of their childhood? Perfect for a birthday, shower, or no reason at all!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Treat for you....A Treat for me!

Fall is full of so many fun things.....Halloween, birthdays, weddings, Holidays, and CANDY!!! No matter the reason for a party, you can be certain there will be a party favor involved in the event!!!

I created these kraft tin tie treat bags for my own wedding. We had a candy bar buffet and I was adamant that we would provide cute bags that tied into our theme and held enough candy for our guests. I also didn't want the traditional clear cellophane bags...I wanted something different!

These bags hold up to a 1/2 pound of candy and treats and have a lining that keeps the goodies fresh! The bags themselves can be white or kraft brown. They can also be made larger in a one pound size.

The label comes assembled with the bag and can be customized to match your event's theme.   The possibilities are endless!!!!

  • Child's birthday party.....try incorporating the character theme and child's name with a cute saying!! My personal favorite is the whimsical owl graphic with the saying "Hope you had a hoot....please enjoy your sweet loot"!
  • Baby shower....add a set of baby feet with the unborn baby's name and "estimated date of arrival"! 
  • Wedding.....add a custom monogram and sweet thank you message
  • Halloween Party..... add a ghoulish figure and "spooktacular" saying!
  • Christmas Party or gifts..... add a monogrammed ornament and holiday wish. Then stuff full of delicious homemade goodies!

A whale of a good time....

Expressing yourself with personalized paper products can start at any age.....even in the womb! An expectant mother will be writing thank you note upon thank you note during the entire duration of her pregnancy. Shouldn't these note cards reflect her and her unborn child's personality?!?!?

I created these custom whale note cards for my dear friend, Karen, who is expecting her little boy ANY day now! She wanted a design that was whimsical and childlike without looking cheesy or over the top childish. Sooooo...... we decided on a cute whale graphic on a high quality flat note card. Adding Noah's name in a crisp red ink and using matching red envelopes, gives these cards the perfect balance of fun and chic!!

These note cards are perfect for using as thank you notes or a quick note to Grandma (written by mom of course)! 

I packaged these in a cute cellophane bag with coordinating ribbon and presented them to Karen tied to a cute set of onesies.

A must have stationery for the expectant mom, school age child, or for use on a party invitation or birth announcement!!! The precious whale graphic can be changed to anything your heart desires.... frogs, lions, giraffe, airplane, sailboat, owl, etc.

Check them out at

Friday, October 1, 2010

Showing your spirit one note at a time!

It is that time of year where the weather turns cool, leaves begin to fall, and visions of pumpkin pie start dancing in our heads! It is also the time of year where Saturdays, Sunday, and Monday night are spent watching football (or sometimes it is spent watching our other half glued to the television)!

No matter the amount of time one actually spends watching ESPN, there is no denying that each person has that one team that makes their football heart pitter patter.....

I created these note cards originally for myself as I am an avid lover of the Crimson Tide. I thought it would be fun to drop friends a note on stationery that showed my team spirit. I never anticipated the excitement and jealousy that these cards would create among my close circle!!! Everyone had to have a set and soon I was printing so many that I began seeing crimson elephants in my sleep!!!

Although sayings like "Rammer Jammer" and "Roll Tide" may seem foreign to outsiders, any true Alabama fan gets a tingle in their heart when they hear them!! (Living 20 minutes from Tuscaloosa, you can't check out from the grocery store without someone saying them to you)!

These cards come packaged in a cellophane bag with coordinating crimson, black, and white organza ribbon. This is the perfect hostess gift for your next tailgate party!!!!

Although my favorite collegiate card to make is Alabama, we can create a note card for the school/pro team that makes your football heart pitter patter! Email me at to discuss your team and the note card that will make all your friends jealous!