Thursday, October 28, 2010

It's ALL in the details....

Details...details...details....these are the things that take an event from lovely to *amazing* and *memorable*!!

The best part is it doesn't matter what size budget you have for your event. Careful planning and coordination of the little things is what gives your event the appearance that you spent a lot more money than you did! I look at a wedding and try to find the details that will give the couple the biggest return on their monetary investment. 

It all starts with the save the date and invitation cards. This is where you set the mood for your entire event. The colors, fonts, theme, and style you choose for your paper products sets the stage for all things to come. It is so important to make these products unique to you in order to capture everything you want your guests to take away from your ceremony and reception. 

So, the invitations are printed and what?! This is where you go over your event with a fine tooth comb to find "loose ends" to tie up! Continuing a common design gives your event panache. 

Any bride knows that there will be TONS of thank you notes written after all the engagement parties and showers. Think about having personalized notecards made that tie in your invitation theme. It is a small way to create a cohesive look.

Don't forget about personalized thank you notes for after the wedding!

Once the big day arrives, make sure that you carry through the common design theme in all your paper products. Welcome cards, menus, favor labels, and seating are only limited by your imagination!

It really is all in the details!! Paper products are an affordable way to bring style and cohesion to your event! Choosing the perfect invitations are so important! Make sure they are custom and a true reflection of your personalities and love!!!

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