Friday, October 1, 2010

Showing your spirit one note at a time!

It is that time of year where the weather turns cool, leaves begin to fall, and visions of pumpkin pie start dancing in our heads! It is also the time of year where Saturdays, Sunday, and Monday night are spent watching football (or sometimes it is spent watching our other half glued to the television)!

No matter the amount of time one actually spends watching ESPN, there is no denying that each person has that one team that makes their football heart pitter patter.....

I created these note cards originally for myself as I am an avid lover of the Crimson Tide. I thought it would be fun to drop friends a note on stationery that showed my team spirit. I never anticipated the excitement and jealousy that these cards would create among my close circle!!! Everyone had to have a set and soon I was printing so many that I began seeing crimson elephants in my sleep!!!

Although sayings like "Rammer Jammer" and "Roll Tide" may seem foreign to outsiders, any true Alabama fan gets a tingle in their heart when they hear them!! (Living 20 minutes from Tuscaloosa, you can't check out from the grocery store without someone saying them to you)!

These cards come packaged in a cellophane bag with coordinating crimson, black, and white organza ribbon. This is the perfect hostess gift for your next tailgate party!!!!

Although my favorite collegiate card to make is Alabama, we can create a note card for the school/pro team that makes your football heart pitter patter! Email me at to discuss your team and the note card that will make all your friends jealous!

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